Joey Fatone on *NSYNC Reunion: I Probably ‘Sounded Like Crap’

Though JC Chasez recently brought his old *NSYNC bandmates together for a reunion at his 40th birthday, the boys are admittedly still a little shaky vocally. According to Joey Fatone, the celebration was “awesome” but it had also made them all realize just how much time had passed since their “Bye, Bye Bye” days.

“We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JC. That’s what we did,” he told E! News. When asked if the rendition could be a hit these days, Fatone jokingly added, “I think with the intoxication and the alcohol, I definitely would have sounded like crap.”

“It’s crazy,” Fatone said of how much they’ve grown. “We’re all catching up.”

He continued, “We were kind of reminiscing about stuff, but then all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Here’s a picture of my two kids,’ and Justin’s like, ‘Here’s a picture of my little boy.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, crap! We really are getting old, aren’t we?’ I never really feel it, though. That’s the beauty of it.”

As previously reported, Chasez rang in his 4-0 with former *NSYNC members Justin Timerblake, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick on Monday night (Aug. 8, 2016) at West Hollywood hotspot The Nice Guy. An insider told us about 50 friends came together to celebrate Chasez’s birthday, including, Jessica Biel, Chace CrawfordBrody Jenner, Darren Criss and Tara Reid.

Chasez’s longtime manager Eric Podwall gave the first toast before Timberlake — surrounded by Fatone, Bass and Kirkpatrick — took the mic to celebrate his friend.

The boy band last reunited professionally at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.