Katy Perry Reportedly Stands By Dr. Luke’s Side Amid Legal Battle with Kesha

UPDATE! 2:42 PST: A credible source confirms to Celebuzz that there is not truth to The Sun article that we referenced. It is entirely false.

When Kesha accused producer Dr. Luke of sexually abusing her, many of her fellow entertainers including Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Demi Lovato spoke out in support of the “True Colors” singer.  While the music industry seemed to turn it’s back on the producer, one of his frequent collaborators, Katy Perry has remained suspiciously silent on the issue.

Now, The Sun is reporting that Perry has decided to remain mum on the sexual abuse allegations because she is sticking by Dr. Luke’s side. In recent weeks, the producer helped Perry secure a huge money deal with NBC to use her latest single “Rise” during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Just this week, Dr. Luke, who produced several of Perry’s biggest hits including “Roar,” “California Gurls,” and “I Kissed a Girl,” reportedly gained access to the members only venue Club 33 at Disney World with Perry’s help.

While it seems that Perry is making an effort to keep their relationship more private than she has in the past, it doesn’t look like she’s ready to abandon the hit producer anytime soon.