Lamar Odom Is Sober and ‘Making Great Strides,’ Says Trainer

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The former NBA champ is reportedly renewing his commitment to healthy living.

There was a time when experts and fans alike wondered if Lamar Odom would survive after overdosing in a Nevada brothel last year. But according to his trainer Oneil Pryce, the onetime pro athlete is getting better, little by little.

“From what I know [he’s not drinking], because right now he is focused and that is the state I have him in right now,” Pryce said to Us Weekly. “I have been letting him know that [this] is going to be a rough road, a hard road. And one thing he has to do is make sure that the partying, the drinking, all of that stuff, is going to be tough on his body. So right now, he has been drinking his water, staying low key and pretty much staying out of sight of everybody else, all of the negative stuff.”

Pryce shared that the real challenge is helping Odom stay positive while trying to maintain his sobriety.

“I reached out to him and we have been friends for a whole long time,” Pryce said. “He really wants to get his life back together. He’s really trying hard and that is what we are working on right now … keeping his mental state high.”

Odom’s trainer said that whenever he needs to motivate Odom, all he has to do is remind him of all the things he has already overcome.

“I’m just trying to show him it is one day at a time … Just two, three months ago, people were saying you weren’t going to walk again, you weren’t going to live. So, just to be where you are right now, you are doing good. And as far as workouts, he is actually making great strides,” Pryce explained. “This is a gleam of hope, just a gleam [that] can get [him] through the darkest hours.”