Mila Kunis Has a Fool Proof Plan to Make Sure Her Children Aren’t Spoiled


Raising kids in Hollywood can be a doozy, but Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made sure they had a plan, way before they added to their family.


During an interview on the Sydney, Australia-based radio podcast The Kyle and Jackie O Show Kunis revealed she and Kutcher decided how they wanted to raise their kids before she got pregnant. “The one topic of conversation we had even prior to ever having kids was always, ‘How do you raise a child to not be an asshole?'” she admitted.

“It’s so important because we both came from pretty solid poverty backgrounds and grew up very poor and are very much self-made and are very aware of what a dollar is worth,” she continued. “Nothing’s been handed to us.”

But Kunis says the solution is much simpler than it seems; she plans to be brutally honest with her kids. “It’s a matter of teaching them from a very early age that, you know, ‘Mommy and Daddy may have a dollar, but you’re poor,’ ” she joked. “‘You are very poor, you have nothing. Mommy and Daddy have a bank account.’”

A+ for the Kunis/Kutcher household.