#PhelpsAlwaysOnPoint Is the Dance Move We Never Knew We Needed

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The Rio Olympics have proved thus far that, if nothing else, Michael Phelps has a promising post-athletic career as a living meme.

It all began with his exceptional pouty face that Phelps directed at his rival, Chad le Clos, ahead of the 200-meter butterfly semifinal race on Monday (Aug. 8, 2016), which succinctly expressed the feelings that overcame us upon learning that Adele tickets were sold out before we could buy them. But Phelps outdid himself one day later when he wagged his finger at his opponents after winning the men’s 200-meter butterfly race on Tuesday night.

This sassy little move carried social media’s amusement into the next day, but fleeting Internet culture gold must be preserved if it seeks historical longevity. There is more to the meme, as evidenced by Phelps’ unflinching rhythmic coordination with pretty much any song that you want his finger to dance to. Consider this clutch move as the Olympics’ answer to our dearly beloved #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat and use it to your advantage in any way beyond the following examples.

First, we have Phelps warming up to Kelis‘s 2006 hit “Bossy.”


Then, we find him waiting on Frank Ocean just like the rest of us.


Here he is taking the Running Man Challenge off of dry land and into the water.


Guess what? Athletes can take on show tunes, too.


Plus! They can bring hope to Britney Spears‘ new album.


In fact, Justin Bieber can go ahead and replace all of his dancers with one staunch finger.


Also, consider this Phelps’ early audition for the Mean Girls musical.


But if we don’t #GetPhelpsAlwaysOnPoint trending, at least this one can go in the time capsule of things from 2016 that should never be revisited again:


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