The 6 Best New Songs of the Week: Britney Spears, Banks, The Faint and More

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So much new music is released each week that it’s impossible to hear it all. Not that you’d want to; a lot of it isn’t so hot. But let us help simplify your search for new sounds with a roundup of the week’s seven best new songs. Trust us. We have good taste. (And check out last week’s collection if your hunger has still not been sated.)

Britney Spears – “Clumsy”

The run-up to Britney Spears’ ninth album, Glory, is not without its problems. Fortunately, the actual music itself is not really one of them. “Make Me…” is a solid, Selena Gomez-esque burner. New instant-grat track “Clumsy” veers even closer to Proper Banger territory, all while throwing back, with a wink of course, to one of Britney’s most iconic singles, “Oops!… I Did It Again.” (The less said about “Private Show,” the better.) This could certainly win back some fans who’ve been shaky about Brit’s output for the last half-decade. Look, it’s not a perfect song — it breaks no new ground, the chorus is a little underwhelming, and the whole thing feels ever-s0-slightly unfinished — but it is better than literally everything on Britney Jean combined, and Brit sounds like she is present and having fun. And these days, isn’t that enough? – Matt

Banks – “Gemini Feed”

Surprise! I’m late to the Banks party. “Gemini Feed” popped up on a new music playlist on Spotify and I immediately went and listened to her 2014 album Goddess three times. In one hour. I also might have set an entire yoga class to it, but now we’re getting off topic. She’s a dreamier, female version of The Weeknd that casts a cool girl shade on the world of pop as we know it. I’m running out of songs of hers to listen to on Spotify, so please, Banks, if you’re listening, put out another album soon and I’ll be sure to show up on time. – Mia

Mabel – “Thinking of You”

Mabel, the daughter of Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack’s Cameron McVey, has released an amazing new ’90s R&B throwback single, “Thinking of You.” The song is about being head-over-heels in love as a teenager, where you genuinely think you’ll die if you don’t see the person you have a crush on over the school summer break. The song reminds me of classic Aaliyah and is incredibly infectious. Trust me, you’re going to have this one on repeat. – Michael

DJ Snake – “Let Me Love You” (Feat. Justin Bieber)

Once I got past the disappointment that “Let Me Love You” wasn’t the Jelena collaborations we’d all been waiting for, I loved the single. “Let Me Love You” is probably my favorite off of DJ Snake’s album and considering it’s chock full of collabs with everyone from Travis Scott, Jeremih and Skrillex, that’s saying a lot. – Jelani

The Faint – “Skylab1979″

Growing up, I followed almost every band from the Saddle Creek Records roster and The Faint was no different. More than a decade since I was introduced to the electro-punk or whatever-you-wanna-call-it band, I still find myself jamming to their songs. Their latest track, “Skylab1979,” from their forthcoming greatest hits compilation is everything I like about them. It’s dance-y. It’s gritty. It’s that classic The Faint sound that critics still have a hard time describing. – Gabi

Norah Jones – “Carry On”

This song makes me feel incredibly nostalgic and it’s probably because it sounds like classic Nora Jones. “Carry On” has that soothing feel, perfect for a lazy Sunday. - Natasha