No, That Was Not ‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Jared Padalecki Climbing Trump Tower

Jared Padalecki did not scale Trump Tower.

The actor assured worried fans that he was in fact not the person climbing the Trump Tower on Wednesday evening (Aug. 10, 2016) in New York City. The man, who also has shoulder-length, flowing locks, does look a lot like the Gilmore Girls star at first glance (maybe even after a second good look). But, it’s not him — and Padalecki wants to set the record straight.

The mistake in identity all started when he tweeted out this image:

As a result, fans couldn’t help but wonder if that mysterious climber was actually Padalecki. He later clarified on Facebook that he’s “safe and sound” in Vancouver, filming Supernatural, and had a simple message for everyone thinking otherwise. “To clear things up, this is NOT me trying to scale the Trump Tower in NYC…So please stop asking,” Padalecki wrote.

The actual culprit was 19-year-old Stephen Rogata, as reported by NBC.