John Mayer Is the Beauty Vlogger You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Apparently, it doesn't take much to get that flawless Kardashian complexion.

John Mayer may be known for his singing, but he definitely has a budding career as a beauty influencer… should he ever want to switch jobs. As proven to the world on Wednesday night (Aug. 10, 2016), Mayer has exactly what it takes to be one of those beauty vloggers who are making seven figures on YouTube just by talking about their favorite foundation.

Taking a break from music, the 38-year-old walked fans through his nighttime beauty routine on Snapchat, providing useful “skin hacks” that can turn anyone’s body into a wonderland.

“People are always asking me, ‘John, what are some of your skincare secrets?'” he said. “And I always say, that’s an odd question to ask me, and they always say you literally just asked me to ask you that.” Ha!

So, what’s his skincare secret?

CREDIT: Snapchat/John Mayer

After washing his face with Proactiv, Mayer applies products from Natura Bissé, a brand he “has a feeling is used mainly by people in their 60s and 70s” onto his face.

According to Mayer, it’s crucial to employ “D.A.T.” — or the “Direct Application Technique” — by squirting lotion directly onto the skin. That way, he claims, you don’t leave any extra product on your fingers. Given that the Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion he used in the video costs $590 per bottle, it’s probably why he doesn’t want to waste a single drop.

CREDIT: Snapchat/John Mayer

Next, he insists that eye cream is simply moisturizer that’s better, more expensive, and in a smaller bottle. So naturally, it can be used everywhere on the face. He applies Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Eye — again, using D.A.T. — to the face as a lotion.

CREDIT: Snapchat/John Mayer

Employing an anti-aging step he calls “The Offset Smiley,” Mayer draws a grinning face using Natura Bissé Diamond Drops on his upper lip and chin to help reduce laugh lines. Pretty ironic, right?

CREDIT: Snapchat/John Mayer

Then, Mayer moves on to Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme, a product he gushes as “some crazy shit.” Using a Q-tip, he works in dollops of the cream to his “CNZ” or “Crucial Necessity Zones,” the areas of his face where he needs the most moisture. According to Mayer, this step alone normally takes two hours.

CREDIT: Snapchat/John Mayer

To seal in everything, he sprays on Natura Bissé Diamond Mist. In true Mayer fashion, his technique is rather unconventional as he recommends “head-butting” into the airborne vapors instead of spritzing it onto the skin.

While this all may be fun and games, the price of Mayer’s beauty routine is no laughing matter. The total cost of all his lotions and creams? A whopping $1,597! Something tells us this might just rival what’s on Kim Kardashian’s vanity.

Shop all of the products in Mayer’s skincare regime — below.