Kylie Jenner May Lose Her Car Thanks to Tyga’s Money Problems

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Judge Orders for Tyga's Arrest
He fought the law and he kinda lost.

The man suing Tyga for overdue rent is demanding that Kylie Jenner hand over the $200,000 Mercedes-Maybach the “Rack City” rapper had just bought her for her 19th birthday.

As Tyga continues to ignore the fact that he’s facing serious money problems after a judge issues a warrant for his arrest, his former landlord, who filed a lawsuit against him for approximately $480,000 in unpaid rent, wants to reclaim the money he’s owed by collecting it through Tyga’s extravagant purchases. According to Boris Treyzon, the attorney for Tyga’s old landlord, his client is prepared to seize Tyga’s latest pricey gift to his girlfriend as a form of payment.

“There’s a lot of activity with this going on, but he owes my client a lot of money and we are proceeding to collect that money from any expensive gifts to anyone that he gave or money he gave out,” Treyzon tells Us Weekly. “So basically, we want that money back! That would include Kylie’s new car he bought for her.”

However, it has yet to be determined that if Tyga actually bought the car for Jenner. Though the couple claim Tyga gifted Jenner a $320,000 Ferrari for her birthday last year, official documents have revealed that the car was actually leased under Jenner’s own name. So for all we know, they could be just pulling the same stunt again.

On Tuesday (Aug. 9, 2016), a judge ordered for Tyga’s arrest after he failed to appear in court. At the time, the landlord’s legal argued that Tyga’s purchase of the car was a fraudulent transfer of assets that should’ve been used to pay his back rent.

Since then, Tyga was seen vacationing with Jenner in the tropics.

“The arrest warrant for Tyga has been processed so it’s in full effect,” Treyzon adds. “He can resolve the case or he can enter a bail plea. But as of now, if he came in contact with law enforcement he would be arrested and held until such time his attendance at a court proceeding would be ensured.”