Liam Hemsworth Can’t Hold His Liquor, Has a Spill in Malibu 

Miley Cyrus’ fella had an unfortunate incident during a recent shopping trip…

Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth had a case of butterfingers at a store in Malibu, CA on Wed. (Aug. 10, 2016), accidentally dropping an entire case of beer while exiting the establishment.

Fellow shoppers watched as the rising star and the store’s manager quickly cleaned up the mess. Afterward, Hemsworth was given a replacement case of Longboard Lager.

The actor was dressed for a day of relaxing fun, wearing shorts, sandals and a tee when toting his second case of beer to the car, clearly taking the party foul in stride.

Hey, no sense crying over spilled beer!

Check out Hemsworth’s shopping trip in the gallery above…