Courtney Stodden: Brody Jenner Is an ‘Asshole’

Did you ever think that Courtney Stodden would be in a feud with Brody Jenner? Neither did we — and yet here we are.

Stodden is hitting back at Jenner in an expletive-filled rant after the reality star suggested that the former teen bride play nemesis Stephanie Pratt should his former reality show, The Hillsever become a scripted movie.

“Courtney Stodden. That’s what you get, Stephanie, when you talk shit,” Jenner told MTV in a recent interview.

After showing her followers the clip on Twitter, Stodden lashed out at Jenner in a new video shared on her Twitter. Clad in a revealing red bra and black booty shorts, Stodden began, “Oh my God, don’t even get me started on that Brody Jenner. He’s an asshole, seriously. He’s such an ass”

“One, he’s derogatory towards women,” she blasted, smoking as a glass of champagne is seen in the background. “Basically categorizing women as if they’re talentless regardless of how they look. Even if they look a certain way: ‘Oh, they can’t act.’ Fucking asshole, seriously.”

“Two, kick a woman when she’s down: I have been dealing with so much lately,” Stodden, who recently suffered a miscarriage, continued. “Your timing is shit, Brody. And three, I don’t think you can act. So why don’t we do an act-off?”

Stodden, taking a drag from her cigarette, then challenged Jenner to an acting competition. She threatened, “I can act circles around your ass. So an act-off or fuck off.”

Previously, Stodden appeared alongside Jenner’s former Hills castmate, Heidi Montag, on Lifetime’s Mother/Daughter Experiment.