Matthew McConaughey Is Having the Time of His Life at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Matthew McConaughey is our favorite part the Olympics.

If you’ve been watching the 2016 Rio Games, then you’ve definitely seen the actor and his priceless facial expressions. He was photographed shouting, laughing, pointing, and even posing for selfies with fans. Although McConaughey was first spotted in the audience alone, he was later joined by his wife, Camila Alves, where the two later enthusiastically enjoyed the Olympics together.

These photos are almost better than Michael Phelps’ game face meme. Someone needs to give him a gold medal for being the Olympics’ best cheerleader.

Even Elizabeth Banks is fan of McConaughey:

It’s very safe to say that no one is more into the Olympics than the Oscar-winner.

Check out the gallery above to see 18 different McConaughey expressions!