Michael Phelps Wins Another Gold Medal, Breaks 2168-Year-Old Olympic Record

Michael Phelps cannot be stopped.

The Olympic swimmer not only won his 22nd gold medal at the 2016 Rio Games, but he broke a 2168-year-old record. Phelps, 31, is now the person with the most individual Olympic titles — a mark previously held by the greatest sprinter of the ancient Olympics, Leonidas of Rhodes.

As you can imagine, Phelps was a little emotional following his win. “I had a hard time holding it together, very special getting able to win 22 gold medals,” he said. “It’s something you dream of, I’m living a dream come true. It’s exactly how I want to exit the sport.”

It’s the first time an Olympic swimmer has won four consecutive gold medals, but Phelps is not even done yet. He will also compete in the men’s 100-meter butterfly finals.


Bloomer Phelps will be one proud son!