WATCH: Drunk Johnny Depp Goes Off on Amber Heard in Violent Video

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Things just got really ugly for Johnny Depp.

In a new video obtained, by TMZ, the heavily-intoxication actor can be seen going off on estranged wife Amber Heard. Depp, 53, can be heard yelling and banging cabinets while the Magic Mike XXL star asks him what’s wrong. He even breaks a wine glass and bottle and causes a struggle after tries to grab Heard’s phone when he notices he’s being videotaped.

“You wanna see crazy? I’ll give you f–king crazy,” the Pirates of the Caribbean star says at one point as he pours half a bottle of red wine into a giant glass.

The incident is said to have occurred months before the altercation where the actress claims Depp struck her. However, other sources tell TMZ that the video is “heavily edited” and was a “complete set up” by Heard, 30, missing portions where she instigates him.

The former couple is currently in the midst of one of the ugliest divorces of all time, with Heard alleging that Depp is a violent alcoholic. Watch the video above.