Farrah Abraham: I Don’t Date Black Guys

Farrah Abraham’s latest remark is causing some raised eyebrows after she declared that she doesn’t really like dating black men.

During her appearance on the Allegedly podcast, the Teen Mom OG star shared her views on dating. While she admittedly doesn’t have a “dream guy,” she does prefer men of, um, a specific skin color. In attempting to shade the Kardashians in the process, Abraham — once again — made a comment that surely offended a bunch of people.

“I’m always more attracted to white men. I’m not really into black guys — I think that’s more of a Kardashian thing,” she said.

Moreover, Abraham claimed that celebrities (who are presumably more famous than she is) are constantly trying to pay her for sex. Though she made and sold two sex tapes in the past, the 25-year-old insisted that she’s not about that life.

“I’ve shunned a lot of that,” she shared, “because I’ve always had boyfriends.”

However, she also added that she’s not a prude. “Sometimes I’m, like, fucking bored!” Abraham said. “Of course I entertain sex, love, money — it all. Sometimes I’m in the grocery store and I think of crazy-ass fantasies. That’s just part of me.”

Previously, Abraham was linked to Simon Saran. In April, she hinted that she wants to be married soon because “I’m blowing up in business and I’m so successful. I’m doing so well and I’m growing on a dating level.”