Report: Johnny Depp Accidentally Cut Off Fingertip in Drunken Fit of Rage 

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Today (Aug. 15, 2016), TMZ released images of a particularly gruesome injury Johnny Depp sustained last year during a drunken shouting match with his then-new bride Amber Heard.

According to the actress’s team, the injury happened in March 2015 when the newlyweds were staying at a villa in Australia. Depp, drunk and high on ecstasy, stormed about smashing bottles and windows, and then smashed a plastic phone. In the process, he somehow cut off a chunk of his forefinger.

And if that isn’t disturbing enough, Depp reportedly decided to use his badly damaged finger to send Heard a message…

The actress is fond of painting, and she had her supplies with her on the trip, so Depp dipped his mutilated finger in some dark blue paint and scrawled some words on a mirror, including “Billy Bob.” This is a reference to Billy Bob Thornton, the actor that Heard says her estranged husband accused her of cheating on him with.

This new revelation comes just days after a video was released in which the 52-year-old actor is seen smashing bottles, banging around a kitchen and berating Heard.

Head over to TMZ to see the images. Fair warning: extremely gruesome and disturbing stuff.