Mark Walhberg Says He Stills Gets Mistaken for Matt Damon

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Some people think it’s Mark Wahlberg who stars in the Bourne movies, not Matt Damon.

Wahlberg spoke with Extra on Monday and laughed about how he and pal Damon get mistaken for one another all time.

Mark shared, “People always say they love me in The Bourne Identity… And I just say say, ‘Thank you.’” Damon gets mistaken for Mark as well, adding that fans say, “I love you in Ted.’” Wahlberg added, “We just laugh it off. I never correct anybody, I just say, ‘Thank you very much. Watch me in The Bourne Identity 4.”

Wahlberg is co-starring with Kate Hudson in the thriller Deepwater Horizon, based on the true story of the worst oil spill in U.S. history. The actor gushed, “It’s an amazing story of heroism and it’s really inspirational, so I’m excited about it.”

He is also exec producing a TV series Shooter, based on Wahlberg’s 2007 movie. The 45-year-old said of Ryan Phillippe, who is taking over his role, “Ryan’s perfect for that part.”

Watch the whole Extra interview below!