Billy Bob Thornton Denies Johnny Depp’s Claim that He and Amber Heard Had an Affair

Billy Bob Thornton says that he and Amber Heard’s platonic relationship never left the set of London Fields despite Johnny Depp’s claim.

Depp scrawled Thornton’s name and “Easy Amber” across a mirror with Heard’s dark blue paint from her art supplies after he accidentally cut off his fingertip in a fit of inebriated rage last March. Heard said that Depp accused her of cheating with Thornton after they worked on a movie together in addition to sleeping with other men while they were married, but has denied the claim that she and Thornton were anything more than just co-stars. Now, Thornton has added credence to Heard’s testimony with one of his own.

He tells TMZ that the cheating allegation is “completely fake.” He says that he never socialized with Heard off of the film’s set other than once at a cast dinner. Thornton continues to say that he and Heard barely even interacted on set other than while they were working and that he and Depp, who was in the same picture, “did not even speak.” He says that he assured Connie Angland, his wife of two years, that these rumors were “Johnny’s fantasy.”

Steve Mindel, an L.A. family law expert, explained to People that the video filmed by Heard of Depp throwing a wine bottle in his kitchen needs to be authenticated before it can raise any serious ramifications in court. He says that Heard will need to be able to explain how it was shot and note all of “the little things” that have been done to it since. Then, the legal teams will have to sort out the privacy issues and determine whether Depp knew that he was being recorded and if he consented to continue the conversation on film.

“If it was being recorded on something like a hidden camera or nanny cam, that could be inadmissible,” says Mindel. The court could rule otherwise given that Heard was holding her camera phone in plain sight.