WATCH: So, Kris Jenner Has Closet Filled with 73 Pairs of Sneakers

Kendall Jenner gives Vogue a tour of her humble childhood home that determines that a planetarium, built by Kris Jenner, seem like a reasonable addition to their existing square footage.

Kendall shares personal tidbits in a round of 73 Questions, which happens to be equivalent to the number of sneakers that can be found in her mother’s closet. We learn which curse word the September issue’s cover model prefers the most (“f*ck”), which sister is her favorite for the time being (Khloé), and that her “friend Tyler”” is the Creator of most of her laughter.

Of course, Kris — along with the Kardashian’s hairstylist, Jen Atkin — makes intermittent appearances throughout the short film to pay her momager dues by further constructing their home to be whatever she wants it to be.

Watch the video from Vogue in the player below.

Video Credit: Condé Nast Entertainment / Vogue