The Game Has Only Slept with One Kardashian Sister, Not All Three of Them

The Game Posts Revealing Selfie on Instagram
Shirtless and wearing a pair of compression shorts that leave little...

The Game slept with 1/3 of the Kardashian sisters.

After claiming that he had sex with three Kardashians in his latest song, “Sauce” — and potentially setting off a sh-t storm — sources close to the reality stars say the rapper only actually slept with Kim Kardashian. The best part? He asked Kanye West for permission to use the lyrics.

Sources close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family tell TMZ that The Game definitely didn’t sleep with Kylie, Kendall, Khloé, Kourtney, and Kris. However, because Kim dated him back in the day, she may or may not have slept with him.

In case you didn’t catch the lyrics the first time, it goes: “I used to f–k bitches that Usher Raymond passed on / Then I f–ked three Kardashians / Hold that thought.”