Gracious Adele Gives Makeup-Free Explanation Behind the Cancellation of Her Phoenix Show

Adele issued an Instagram announcement to explain why she had to cancel her concert in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday (Aug. 17, 2016).

The all-natural beauty, both of soul and voice, told her fans that she had maxed out her performing abilities by pushing through a cold that fell upon her in the preceding days and could not take the stage again before recovering.

“I did my show last night and I loved it but I pushed too hard and my cold has gotten the better of me and as you can hear even if I did the show it wouldn’t be very good,” said Adele. “I’ve enjoyed my tour so much and canceling shows is not something I’ve wanted to do and I’ve pushed through a lot of things, but I’ve been trying to sing all morning and warming up but nothing’s really happening.”

This show would have been Adele’s second in a row in Phoenix. She is scheduled to perform two more shows in L.A. this weekend before continuing her tour eastward across the United States.

Watch her explanation in the video below:

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