Celebrity Medium Tyler Henry Reveals Robert Kardashian Sr. Still Watches Over Kris Jenner

Last night, Kris Jenner brought her talents to a whole new E! reality show, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry where she had an out of this world experience.

Kris invited Hollywood medium Tyler Henry over to her house to have a reading after hearing rave reviews from daughter Khloé Kardashian. Immediately Henry felt a connection with one of Kris’ former in-laws upon sitting down with the momager. “I feel like he comes through as a grandfatherly figure,” Henry said. “There’s a reference to a William that I have to highlight.”

Kris revealed Caitlyn Jenner’s late father was named William before adding, “He died years ago. That’s crazy!” But William wasn’t alone, Henry also felt a connection to Caitlyn’s late brother Burt, who acknowledged that he was with his father and hinted at the deeper connection Caitlyn has to his death.

“When Caitlyn was Bruce Jenner and competed in the Olympic Games, somebody had loaned Bruce a brand-new Porsche sports car and Burt took it for a spin and he accidentally went off the side of the road or did something and was killed in the car accident,” Kris revealed. “It was really, really sad and he was so young and really looked up to his big brother.”

Next, Henry felt a connection with Kris’s late ex-husband Robert Kardashian Sr. “I do have a man that’s fitting this kind of bill of passing away before his time, but he references to an illness,” he told Kris. Kris confirmed that would be Robert, who passed away from throat cancer in 2003.

The medium went on to reveal that Robert still keeps his eye on his former wife, confessing that he knows Kris plans to make some changes to her windows. “That is crazy. I don’t think anybody knows that. We’re going to replace those windows right there,” Kris admitted, before revealing she only made the decision a few days before, “Oh my goodness. In O.C., you never know who’s watching over you or listening to your window conversations!”