Here’s How You Can Get Some of Kanye West’s Pablo Swag

Kanye West is opening 21 pop-up stores around the world to hawk his fashion collection before his upcoming tour.

According to the rapper, the merchandise, inspired by his album The Life of Pablo, will be made available for three days. Pop-up locations across America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia will hawk West’s Pablo collection, which includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and jackets.


Cities lucky enough to house one of these temporary shops include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, New York, London, Cape Town, Singapore and Sydney. All these places will have various limited hours of operations. (So you better getting in line — quick!)

Previously, West’s Pablo collection has been seen on the likes of wife Kim Kardashian and sister-in-law Kourtney Kardashian.

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