Miles Teller Is Still Trying to Convince Everyone He’s Not a Dick

Miles Teller Shows Off His Stellar Six-Pack
If you didn't already have one, prepare to have a crush on Miles Teller.

Even one year later, Miles Teller is still trying to prove that he’s not the a–hole Esquire claims he is.

The War Dogs star recently sat down for an interview with Playboy magazine, where denies being a bro, talks Fantastic Four reboot flopping, and more. Teller, 29, also discusses the Esquire cover story that made the world believe he was on “on a quest for greatness (with a bit of dickishness too).”

“If somebody wants to do a hit piece, they’ll do a hit piece. In that case, the Esquire reporter had her mind made up long before I showed up,” he said. “What’s frustrating is that she calls me an a–hole, and then because it’s in a magazine, people say, ‘Oh, he must be.’ But I’ve had however many years of being myself, and I know the kind of person I am.”

“I will defend the person I am through my actions. People can make of it what they want,” he added. Following the cover, Teller tweeted that his depiction “couldn’t be more wrong.”

Although he admits he “wouldn’t wish what happened to [Fantastic Four] on another movie,” he can always depend on his co-stars, who immediately came to his defense.

Head over to Playboy to read the answers to his 20Q interview.

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