There Is Video Evidence That Ryan Lochte Lied About Being Robbed at Gunpoint

Ryan Lochte lied about the gunpoint robbery.

After Lochte’s Olympic teammates Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were pulled off their plane and questioned, they confirmed what Brazilian police already suspected — that the robbery never really happened. Authorities also have evidence the Olympic swimmer “fabricated” his story about being held at gunpoint. Why? Well, because there is a video of them trashing a gas station bathroom.

In the video, obtained by Brazil’s Globo TV station, one of the swimmers tries to open the door of an outside bathroom and were confronted by a security guard.

Watch the security video below to see what really happened.

The video comes one day after police were unable to find any evidence to support Lochte’s story. That’s when they started to believe that the robbery never occurred. The Olympic gold medalist said that he and the others didn’t contact officials because they were “afraid [they’d] get in trouble,” however, it appears they had something else they wanted to hide.