WATCH: Frank Ocean Releases His First Music Video ‘Nikes’ from New Album

Frank Ocean Releases Visual Album 'Endless' with LP Still on the Way
Frank Ocean is slowly making his way back from his hiatus in the Bermuda Triangle with the release of a visual album, Endless, on Apple Music

A day after dropping his “visual album” Endless, Frank Ocean gave his fans clamoring for more music another gift: The music video for his new single, “Nikes,” released on Apple Music.

The video is acid-trippy, to say the least, with images of self-immolation, gorgeous women (in varying forms of semi-NSFW nudity), rain, glitter — and a rapping Chihuahua. It reminds you a little of Beyonce’s Lemonade style, very esoteric and haunting.

Ocean also sings in two speeds, one fast, one slow, and then finally we hear his own sweet voice. Watch above!

According to Rolling StoneEndless is a separate project from his new album, which will release through Apple over the weekend. It’s reported that Ocean has exchanged the title Boys Don’t Cry in favor of an alternate title that we will soon come to know in the upcoming days.

So while we wait on bated breath, you can stream Endless here.

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