Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Still Hanging Out Leads This Weekend’s Hottest Star Sightings

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Reunite One Month After Split
Are Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson back together?

For a couple who just broke up, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson still seem awfully chummy and comfortable together.

The two, who announced their split last month after 10 years together, were seen shopping in West Hollywood over the weekend. They looked to be in a very good mood as they walk down the sidewalk.

But according to the photo agency that snapped the shot, when their cameraman shouted to the couple, “It was great to see you back together!” Diane flipped him the bird and cracked a smile right after Joshua made a joke about it. Hmmm.

Diane Kruger in West Hollywood

Kruger, rocking Vans sneakers, and Jackson were also seen hanging out earlier last week, buying a bottle of wine, but sources said they are “just friends.” Still,  Diane recently posted a funny and cryptic message on Instagram.

#ImtemptedtowriteareallylonghashtagbutImgoingtorestrainmyselfforwhomitmayconcern 😂 #Ilikeweirdos

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So, who knows? Let’s keep fingers cross this might be a reconciliation because they are awfully damn cute together.

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