Baby Spice’s Optimism About a Spice Girls Reunion Happening Can Move Mountains

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Emma Bunton And Mel C Reunite
Close enough to the full thing

Emma Bunton might be the Gretchen Wieners of the Spice Girls, but it’s okay because we love her anyway.

In a visit to This Morning, Bunton expressed her deepest sentiments of optimism in regards to the full Spice Girls reunion that will DEFINITELY happen once Victoria Beckham and Mel C free their inhibitions about leaving the past in the past and just let the good times roll back in.

“For a long time she has wished us the best,” said Bunton of Beckham’s response to their repeated attempts to rally as a girl group.

Baby Spice said that she even brought up the topic at David Beckham‘s birthday party and Posh chimed in with, “You’ve got to do something. I just don’t feel like you know—” before trailing off.

“Maybe she will change her mind, she does that,” said Bunton. “Who knows.”


(Except don’t. Please don’t.)

However, if Beckham doesn’t give in, Bunton has a Posh replacement on deck. Find out who it is in the video below.