WATCH: Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Ryan Lochte’s Robbery Controversy

Stephen Colbert poked fun at Ryan Lochte and the Rio robbery controversy by mocking his apology interview.

With a little skillful editing, the late-night host replaced Matt Lauer in his exclusive interview with the Olympic swimmer — and let’s just say this was the interview we all really wanted to see. He asked his own questions, using them to mock Lochte’s various answers about his story.

Colbert asked what it’s been like for the Olympic swimmer since the scandal broke. Lochte answered, “Well, since everything happened, I’ve kind of been laying low.” To which the comedian replied, “If you want to lay low, television is the best place to do that.”

He also asked Lochte how his story changed from being robbed at gunpoint to paying for property damages at a Rio gas station, hilariously using footage of Lochte (and his incredibly sad face) saying, “I over-exaggerated that part.”

“That part?” Colbert retorted. “Okay, here’s the thing: That part is really the whole part. Without a gun cocked to your forehead, it’s really just a story about some guys urinating on a gas station. How could you get that so wrong?” “I was intoxicated,” Lochte replied.

Watch the full Late Show segment above!