Usain Bolt Show Off Sexy Dance Moves While Celebrating His Olympic Wins at a Club in Rio

Usain Bolt’s Olympic celebration week has been plagued with scandal, but that hasn’s slowed down the fastest man in the world.

Last night, Bolt continued the celebration, this time at a Rio nightclub, where he couldn’t help but show off his impressive dance moves. In a video taken by a fellow club goer, Bolt can be seen bumping and grinding with a woman to Rihanna’s hit song “Work.”

Bolt seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself and is even joined by another woman who comes up behind him to dance.

Bolt, who celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday (Aug. 20, 2016), headed back home to Jamaica soon after his fun night out, where is sure to have to answer to his newly public girlfriend for his transgressions earlier in the week.