Here’s How Amanda Bynes Is Doing These Days

It’s been almost two years since Amanda Bynes was admitted into a psychiatric treatment facility and things couldn’t be better for the Nickelodeon alum.

Breaking a six-month silence, the actress took to Twitter on Wednesday (August 24, 2016) to give her fans an update on her life. Since returning to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, Calif. after she was kicked out for cheating and showing up to class high, Bynes shared she’s been dedicating her time and energy to her education.

“Hi everybody! I haven’t tweeted in a long time and I want to say hi! I’ve been really busy at FIDM, and I just finished my midterms,” she wrote. “I am really loving school and I feel that I am learning a lot. I enjoy all of my classes and my teachers are excellent.”

She continued, “I’m really appreciative of all that FIDM is giving me. I’ve been in school learning about the fashion business so I don’t have time to tweet.”



Bynes added that contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t have a secret account on the social media platform.

“No other Twitter accounts or websites are mine! I only have this one,” she tweeted. “This is me! The verified, real, authentic and actual Amanda Bynes. Accept no substitutes!”

Prior to her update, Bynes shared a selfie this February of her haircut, writing:


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