Britney Spears Is Getting Her Very Own Lifetime Movie

That Time Britney Spears Almost Drowned at Sea
Though Britney Spears drowned in a bathtub in her "Everytime" music video...

Brit Brit’s story is getting the TV movie treatment!

Today (Aug. 24, 2016), The Hollywood Reporter announced that Lifetime, the channel behind classics like A Deadly Adoption and Liz & Dick, is making a new biopic about Britney Spears.

In fact, the film, which is simply titled Britney, has already cast newcomer Natasha Bassett to portray the pop singer’s “tumultuous true story.”

The Lifetime movie will chart her rise as a teen sensation, her relationship with Justin Timberlake, her parents’ divorce, and her own two marriages to Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline.

Of course, they also plan to explore her highly-publicized breakdown and losing custody of her sons and how she has risen from the ashes since.

The Las Vegas headliner is having one sensational week, with her new album Glory dropping Friday, a performance slated for Sunday’s MTV VMAs, and now a biopic in the works.

Super important question: who should play Justin Timberlake?