Audrina Patridge’s Baby Has a Really Delightful Face

Audrina Patridge introduced her newborn daughter Kirra to the World Wide Web with the happiest picture that you can imagine.

Patridge shared the photo of Kirra on her website on Wednesday evening (Aug. 24, 2016) eight weeks after she arrived on this planet.

“We are so incredibly lucky! Kirra is the happiest, most beautiful baby with a constant smile and lots of goo-ing and gaa-ing!” wrote Patridge in the accompanying blog post. “She loves giving Corey [Bohan] and I the biggest smiles, but I can’t wait until she giggles for the first time — right now she gives lots of expressions but no noise.”


In addition to the gem above, Kirra really serves tongue realness in the following photos.







Patridge is waiting in eager anticipation for Kirra to laugh for the first time and describes her daughter as “pretty laid back.” She says that she no longer experiences “pregnancy brain” and is officially back on her “Pilates grind.”

“I know these pictures were a long time coming, so I want to thank you all for your patience,” writes Patridge. “I guess this new parenting thing has made us a little overprotective of our baby, but now that we have had time to soak it all in and adjust to our newest addition, I can’t wait to begin this journey as a new mother and share everything I learn along the way!”

Read Patridge’s blog post in its entirety over on her website.