Gina Rodriguez Doesn’t Give a F**k if You Don’t Like Her Shaved Head

Just a month after going blonde, Gina Rodriguez is showing off her shaved head on the cover of Latina magazine’s October issue. Defending her look, the Jane the Virgin star, who first debuted buzzed hairstyle back in May, proves that anyone can slay with or without hair.

“I am not my beauty. Who I am is not my fucking hair, and to be an actor is to transform. To represent a community is to commit, to give my entire all,” Rodriguez, explaining why she underwent her transformation for her role as a Chicago nurse in Annihilation, tells the magazine. “So if I’m going to represent Latinos in the industry and in art, if I’m going to represent my little cousins in Chicago, they’re going to know that I went full-out. Who are we afraid of? What are we afraid of? The worst thing that can happen is we die. Anything else you can handle.”

“A strong leader is one who creates other leaders,” she continues. “So if I am encouraging young girls to take control of their lives, to spread kindness, then I am doing the job God put me here to do. With every attempt we make within the industry, with every project I take, it will be to advance women. Not only women of color but all women and men.”

CREDIT: Latina Magazine

In the same interview, Rodriguez, who started Movement Monday on her Instagram as a way to highlight people of color in the entertainment industry, also talks about the importance of diversity in Hollywood. Speaking about her role as Andrea Fleytas, a young oil rig worker, in the upcoming Deepwater Horizon, Rodriguez stresses that supporting her fellow Latino actors was her top priority.

“Andrea Fleytas is a real-life hero, who’s a Latina from California, and I thought for her not to be portrayed by a Latino would have been devastating,” she says. “It didn’t need to be me. I told [director Peter Berg], ‘It can be any Latina out there crushing it and killing the game.'”

Clearly, she’s crushing it too.