Scott Eastwood Makes Apologetic Call to Late Ex-Girlfriend’s Father

Scott Eastwood Being Really Hunky
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Scott Eastwood made an apologetic phone call to the father of his ex-girlfriend who died in car accident.

Following his vcandid interview with GQ Australia, where he revealed that is ex, who was identified as Jewel Brangman, tragically died in 2014, the actor has finally reached out to her family. The Fast 8 star said he hadn’t spoken to her father after her death because he still hasn’t “found the right words.”

However, it appears as though he found the words because Alexander Brangman says Eastwood called him on Tuesday night (Aug. 23, 2016). “He said, ‘I didn’t reach out because I didn’t know what to say,'” Brangman tells People. “He was very apologetic.”

The 61-year-old also revealed that he was a little disappointed when Eastwood didn’t show up to his daughter’s funeral. “Quite frankly, I was hurt by it,” he said. “I was disappointed he didn’t come to her celebration of life. Many people were actually disappointed. Many of her friends flew across the country to pay their respects and condolences.”

“I don’t think he handled the situation properly,” Brangman added when asked if he had an issue with the actor talking about Jewel’s death publically.

Jewel, who met Eastwood at a San Diego restaurant, but broke up six to eight months before her death, died in a car accident after rear-ending a van.