WATCH: Barbra Streisand (Kinda, Sorta) Duets with Donald Trump on ‘The Tonight Show’ 

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“Together we’re going to make duets great again!”

Barbra Streisand has made it clear in recent days that she is not a Donald Trump supporter, but that didn’t stop her from joining the controversial Republican presidential candidate, depicted to perfection by Jimmy Fallon, for a duet on The Tonight Show.

Although lacking Trump’s jowls and his physical size, Fallon nailed the real estate mogul’s brash delivery and constant hand waving as he and the 74-year-old crooned their way through “Anything You Can Do” (by Irving Berlin) from Annie Get Your Gun. Of course, some of the lyrics were rewritten to reflect the turbulent presidential election.

“Any wall you can build I can build taller,” Fallon sang at one point. “I can build any wall taller than you.” And then later, Trump’s slim surrogate boasts, “I can build casinos and deport Latinos.”

It’s a cute bit of comedy in what has become an ugly year for politics.

Check it out above.