Ciara on Getting Domestic with Russell Wilson: ‘Married Life Is the Best’ 

Ciara Shows Off Huge Wedding Bling from Russell Wilson at ESPY Awards
Here's Ciara's immaculate wedding ring monstrosity from Russell Wilson.

Ciara and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson tied the knot last month, but she’s still beaming!

The gorgeous songstress spoke with E! News after leading a discussion with young women for I AM THAT GIRL and Keds in honor of Women’s Equality Day, and she couldn’t stop gushing about settling down with Wilson.

Married life is the best life,” she said. “It’s definitely life-changing, and you do feel a difference between the stages of being boyfriend and girlfriend to being engaged to actually being married. You feel the definition of what ‘being one’ is, and it’s really cool. Nothing compares to what this feels like.”

She went on to explain that not only is she enjoying her new normal, it’s a big source of strength for her.

“My new life changes that have happened with my son and being married puts more pep in my step because the foundation of my life is solid,” Ciara explained. “My foundation of my life is full of love, and I believe when you have love you can conquer anything in the world. Love breeds confidence. I feel the most confident self that I’ve ever been, and with that being said I feel supercharged and ready for my task ahead.”

Of course, matrimony hasn’t simplified the singer’s life. She has a busier schedule now than ever, but she hinted that she thrives when she’s constantly on the move.

“Life is eventful and I like it this way,” she said.