Jennifer Aniston Chats About Her Favorite New Workout and Discovering She Has a Unique Condition 

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Jennifer Aniston used to carry eye drops everywhere she went. She just assumed that her dry eyes were the result of allergies. Little did she know, she was coping with a condition.

“I was doing interviews and a question came up about whether I had anything I was addicted to,” Aniston told Glamour. “I said ‘I actually have an addiction to eye drops.’ And like, as I was on the phone I’d had my third – in the hour! – dose. I had them with me all the time.”

After admitting to her eye-drop addition, a pharmaceutical company named Shire approached Aniston.

They said, ‘You probably have dry eye,'” she relayed. “I didn’t know that was something you could diagnose. So I went to my doctor and did the test and sure enough that’s what I have. You have to go through the weaning off of your eye drops and all of that, and then it was this wonderful relief.”

Now, the 47-year-old not longer clings to eye drops and can focus on what really matters, like getting a good workout. Lately, Aniston has become a huge advocate of The Class by Taryn Toomey.

“I just think it’s the best workout for so many reasons,” the actress said. “I call it like yoga bootcamp. There’s such a spiritual and therapeutic aspect to it as well as the physical.”

The former Friends star said working out, like her newfound love for the herbal supplement chlorella, is all part of her self-care as she gets older. Which, for Aniston, also includes enjoying a big Italian meal from time to time.

“They always say ‘youth is wasted on the young’—there’s something to that,” she said. “But it’s about balance. You’ve gotta have indulgences.”