Naya Rivera Explains Why She Married Ryan Dorsey So Soon After Ending Her Engagement to Big Sean

Naya Rivera wants you to know she wasn’t just “switching grooms” when she married husband Ryan Dorsey only three months after calling off her engagement to rapper Big Sean.
In her new book, Sorry Not Sorry, Rivera gets real about everything from abortion to her career, and now she’s opening up about how she and Dorsey got together so soon after her engagement ended. The Glee actress insists the media made it look like she was just jumping from groom to groom, when in fact, she and Dorsey actually dated years before.

“To this day, I’ll be doing interviews and people will be, like, ‘Oh my God! Y’all were friends?'” Rivera told to People while explaining why people were so confused by the seemingly fast-paced relationship. “I’m, like, ‘What are you talking about?’ “

In Sorry Not Sorry, Rivera reveals that she and Dorsey dated back in 2010 but she called things off to focus on her career. Soon after calling it quits, the actress found out she was pregnant with Dorsey’s child but ultimately decided to terminate the pregnancy without telling her then-ex. So the two have a much deeper history than most people knew.

The exes weren’t in contact for years, until Dorsey reached out to Rivera to express his condolences over her broken engagement and the rest is, well, history.

“It was good to tell our story and put the truth out there,” Rivera continued. “We’ve been married now two years and have a gorgeous son and it feels good to let everyone know what really happened.”