Here’s How You Can Win Sarah Hyland’s Heart

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Sarah Hyland is opening up about overcoming some major demons

Sarah Hyland believes good communication is the best way to start dating someone.

“I think there’s something special in forming a relationship with just talking,” the Modern Family star told Entertainment Tonight in a recent sit-down. “I think communication is really beautiful. It’s the key to any relationship.”

So that means she probably has some good conversations with her Vampire Academy co-star Dominic Sherwood, since they two have been dating for awhile.

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Hyland is promoting her new ensemble movie XOXO, in which she plays a girl who goes to a music festival to find a guy she met online. “My character, Krystal, goes through a lot,” Hyland explained. “She’s really naive and very young, and believes in true love. She’s just looking for that thing that she’s always wanted, so she meets a guy online and they have plans to meet up at this music festival, XOXO, and things don’t go as planned for her.”

Would Sarah ever date online? “Stranger Dangers are online!” she joked. “You just don’t know. Catfish can happen anytime… It freaks me out. I just like talking one-on-one.”

XOXO premieres August 26 on Netflix.

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