2016 MTV Video Music Awards: Beyoncé’s Medley Just Put All Other Performances to Shame 

2016 MTV Video Music Awards: Blue Ivy Upstages Beyoncé's Princess Moment
Blue Ivy Carter was so gracious to accept Beyoncé's invitation...

Queen Bey just delivered a historic, show-stopping medley featuring nearly half of her album Lemonade.

When people look back this year’s MTV VMAs, the first thing on the list will be Beyoncé’s barnburner of a performance.

Starting off with intense track “Pray You Catch Me,” Bey gave a nod to the Black Lives Matter movement. She sang solemnly as her back-up dancers each fell one by one, immersed in red light. Next she and her booty tore through “Hold Up,” and then she offered up a blistering rendition of “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”

That’s when Bey decided to take her anger out on the camera.

About now, most viewers probably assumed that Sasha Fierce was done, but no! That’s when she and an army of dancers broke out some perfectly-choreographed dance moves for “Formation.”

Check out the full performance here:

Done. End the show. Everyone go home.