Justin Bieber Returns to Instagram After Two-Week Hiatus

Justin Bieber made his triumphant return to Instagram last night, a mere two weeks after quitting because fans were saying some not-so-nice things about his new maybe-girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

While Bieber threatening to quit was dramatic enough, things got way more interesting when his ex Selena Gomez basically called him out for being ungrateful towards his fans. What ensued was a perfectly petty back and forth between exes that the internet absolutely ate up. But it looks like Bieber has put that all behind him now, posting  three new pictures and two videos.

My new little fluff ball Todd

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Interestingly enough, the newest additions to Bieber’s Instagram page are dated a week old, meaning Bieber’s profile was just private for the last two weeks.

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While it seems like Bieber has made the decision to keep his relationship off social media, Richie, on the other hand, has been keeping fans completely up to date on their romantic getaway. Whatever works, amirite?

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UPDATE 12:25 pm est:

Bieber is now saying his reinstated Instagram was nothing more than an accident, still no Instagram for the Biebs.