Kendall Jenner Has Been Banned From Uber, According to Kim Kardashian

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Farrah Abraham might want to stick to carpooling from now on.

Kendall Jenner has been left without a ride after she was allegedly banned from Uber. According to big sister Kim Kardashian, the 20-year-old model’s account was “suspended” for unknown reasons.

“Yeah, she’s suspended,” Kardashian shared in a Snapchat video on Friday (Aug. 26, 2016). “This is not fair … so we just wanna know why was Kendall suspended? She’s literally, like, a model passenger.”

“I’m the best client,” Jenner said, chiming in. “I don’t understand.”

“And now I have to go drive Kendall around town when I have a spray tan that I have to get to and it’s already 11 o’clock at night,” Kardashian lamented. “Thank you, Uber.”

Kardashian also tweeted:

Just days after the video was posted, Jenner was seen driving her own car while grabbing lunch and dinner around Los Angeles. Clad in a distressed tee that gave onlookers a glimpse of her underboob, Jenner was seen driving out to Malibu to grab some sushi with dad Caitlyn Jenner before heading to Madeo in West Hollywood that night for dinner.

Womp womp. Life is so tough.