Britney Spears Wasn’t Nervous to Perform After Beyoncé at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Sunday night’s (Aug. 28, 2016) MTV Video Music Awards were jam-packed with badass female performers including Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and the one and only Britney Spears.

After Queen Bey had brought down the house with a live performance of Lemonade, many fans felt it was unfair to place Spears’ highly anticipated performance directly after. But there was one person who didn’t care about the order of performances: Spears herself.

During a radio interview with the Zach Sang Show on Monday (Aug. 29, 2016), Spears confessed it never even occurred to her that she should be nervous to perform after Beyoncé. “I really wasn’t thinking about that,” she admitted. “I actually had a shadow in front of me and I was looking at the shadow and making little faces with my hands and stuff [backstage]. No, I didn’t even really think about it.”

Spears was too excited to be back on such an iconic stage, all she had time to think about was her amazing performance. “[I was] in the Britney zone,” she added. “I got home and realized it was probably too late to talk to them. And then I had a sandwich and talked to my girlfriends. We opened a window to the hotel room because we needed fresh air because we had been in that room for six hours that day and we were just glad that [it] was over.”

So what’s in store for Spears now that she’s officially conquered the VMAs stage? Just nine more albums. “Madonna started when she was 32. I’m 34, so I’ll probably have nine more [albums] to go,” she said.