JWoww Explains Why She Has a Tattoo of Prince Charming Beating Cinderella

For Jenni “JWoww” Farley, nothing is too controversial when it comes to her tattoos. In the latest issue of Inked magazine, the Jersey Shore alum explains why her new sleeve, which features a design featuring a dead Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming assaulting Cinderella, contains such graphic imagery.

“It is sort of like ‘Happily never after,’” JWoww, who debuted the complete body art at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, explains. “I took my four favorite Disney love stories and flipped them so they are more rooted in reality.”

She continues, “So with Ariel and Eric, Eric is looking away like he wants nothing to do with her and Ariel is looking at him with desperate puppy-eyes. For Beauty and the Beast, he is a real beast. Sleeping Beauty overdosed and is dead. Her prince is crying over her because he knows that he pushed her to that limit. And Cinderella’s prince is beating her. To me, that is the reality of relationships, they are crazy and take hard work—not that happily ever after bullshit.”

JWoww adds that the ink was inspired by her own personal experiences with romance. Though the 30-year-old is now married to Roger Mathews with two children, she believes life isn’t always a fairytale.

“I wanted a knight in shining armor on a white horse riding into the sunset. Once I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I was screwed up for a little bit,” she says. “As you grow up you realize that relationships are hard work and that nobody’s life is going to be a Disney movie. Even though Roger Mathews is the love of my life and the one for me, I learned there are no fairy tales. Every day isn’t ‘Once upon a time.’ You have to put in work and compromise with the one you decide to be with.”

JWoww’s numerous inks also include a tiger on her thigh, a dragon on her torso, and matching tattoos of her daughter’s name with Mathews.

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