Like the Rest of Humanity, Lance Bass Also Thinks a Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Collab Would Be ‘Incredible’ 

Britney Spears Has No Recollection of Her First VMAs Performance
Britney Spears made her triumphant return to the VMAs this past Sunday...

Please, please, please let this become a real thing!

Last week, Britney Spears did a Q&A for Most Requested Live with Romeo where she fielded questions from fans on a number of topics, including collaborations she’d like to see happen. That’s when Britney dropped a truth bomb.

Aerosmith seems really good and bright. He [Steven Tyler] is a genius, I think. He’s very rock ‘n’ roll. He sings from his soul. Gwen Stefani, I think she’s great. Justin Timberlake is very good.”

She answers the question around the 4-minute mark.

Yep, she just slid that in there.

Over the weekend, Lance Bass offered his two cents on seeing a collaboration between Timberlake and Spears in the future, and he pretty much gave voice to all of our teenage selves.

I would love to see that happen, of course,” Bass told E! News on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet. “I think everyone in the world wants to see them together again in any capacity. It’s like everyone’s childhood dream.”

The 37-year-old went on explain that if such a collab were to go down, it would be huge not just because of their history, but because of the sheer talent between them.

“I think it would be an incredible collaboration. I would want it to be a dance number, though. I want them to both—kinda like that Michael-Janet [Jackson] type thing, would be incredible.”

Justin! Pick up the phone! Make this dream a reality!