WATCH: The Heartbreaking Moment When Hope Solo Learned of Her Six-Month Suspension

Hope Solo was being recorded when she learned of the fate of her athletic contract after calling the Swedish team “a bunch of cowards” after they defeated the United States in the quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics.

Solo learned she was being suspended and that her contract was terminated while filming for the Fullscreen documentary Keeping Score and she was absolutely furious. “Six-month suspension, no pay, terminated contract effective immediately,” Solo says as she walks on screen to hug her husband. ex-NFL player Jerramy Stevens.

“17 fucking years and it’s over,” she screams before breaking down into tears. Stevens tried to console his wife in the short clip, but she is too distraught. Keeping Score is set so show even more footage from the dramatic moment when the full episode airs.

Head over to TMZ to watch the full clip.