Britney Spears Denies That G-Eazy Tried to Kiss Her at the VMAs

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Britney Spears doesn’t think G-Eazy tried to plant a kiss on her at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

The singer shut down speculation that she declined his attempt to kiss her during their steamy performance of “Make Me …” with a pretty logical explanation. “No, I don’t think so,” she told 92.3 AMP Radio. “He has a girlfriend!”

Although the chemistry between the two was undeniable, it did appear as though Spears tried to dodge the kiss. She even shook her head and said “No” after the attempt.

She also revealed that all of her flirty interactions with the rapper were completely impromptu. Remember the moment when Spears grabbed his manhood? It wasn’t rehearsed.

“In rehearsals, there wasn’t really anything planned for us to do, so when we got there … I didn’t honestly really know what I was doing, and I kind of do something similar to that in my show in Vegas, so I went on automatic with what I do performing live, and I just did what I do to the dancers in Vegas,” she explained. “We did rehearse. We had one rehearsal. We didn’t really touch each other. It was just like, ‘Hey, OK, you do your thing. I’ll do my thing.'”

Meanwhile, a snippet of her new song, “Mood Ring,” has surfaced online. Listen below!