Coco Would Have Loved to Have a Bigger Family, Says She Wishes She Started Having Kids Earlier

Coco is thoroughly enjoying motherhood, so much so, she wishes she became a mommy sooner.

The new mom sat down with E!News and admitted she sometimes wishes she had baby Chanel years ago. “If I had her first, I wouldn’t even care about my career honestly. This to me is a career and I wish that I kind of got the grip a little earlier in life,” she confessed.

“I feel kind of guilty sometimes. I look at really big families and before I would be like man, that’s a lot of kids. I don’t even know how they do it, but now I wish I kind of did start earlier so that I would have a big family,” she continued. “At the same time, I look at Chanel and I’m just as happy just having one as opposed to 10.”

Even though Coco sometimes has regrets, she knows everything happens for a reason. “I know that it’s meant to be because if I would have had [kids] earlier, I may have not had her. I would maybe be in a different position in my life.”

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