Ian Ziering Talks Battling Flying Sharks and His Latest Parental Challenge

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Although best known for his role as Steven Sanders on 90210, Ian Ziering has found a new generation of fans heading up Sharknado series. The actor spoke with Celebuzz about the unlikely success of the Syfy films and a parenting issue that he feels needs to be discussed more.

Considering that in previous Sharknado films Ziering’s character Fin has battled sharks everywhere from the U.S. capitol to Universal Studios Orlando to space, you have wonder how much further can they take this wild ride?! The next obvious place is Las Vegas, where he and some colorful characters in and around the casinos take on the next storm of high-flying predators.

“It’s ridiculous fun,” Ziering said. “I’m a luck guy to get to play an action hero in the middle of science fiction movie.”

The 52-year-old said part of the fun of these over-the-top movies is that they break the rules for viewers and critics alike. They offer unabashed escapism without worrying too much about the nitty gritty.

“It’s perplexing to all the critics out there,” he offered. “This is a new genre. It’s a fun one. They don’t seem to get that. They are looking for visual effects stunners that James Cameron would render. Or deep, moving plotlines like Sophie’s Choice. This movie’s just pure entertainment. This is about disconnecting and just having fun.”

For Ziering, the real fun was getting to see fans coming together to enjoy the newest film on social media. It’s a type of success the film industry is still grappling with.

“I can’t tell you the deluge of images that were sent to me through all the different social media platforms of families partying together…enjoying Sharknado. Of course the ratings. The ratings were huge.”

Although Ziering’s real-life daughters don’t need rescuing from bloodthirsty flying sharks, the actor and his kids are facing a tough challenge lately: bedwetting. Thankfully, his three-year-old has found some real success with GoodNites pants.

“Having little kids it’s something that we’re dealing with in our home,” Ziering said. He and GoodNites are teaming up to help take away the sigma attached to bedwetting and create more of a dialogue to help parents get better educated and find lasting solutions for a very common issue.

“It’s a developmental thing and kids from four to twelve, one out of six kids is a bedwetter,” he added before explaining that with GoodNites and a better understanding of why it happens, parents and young ones are able to get through it easier.

“At the end of the day it’s a developmental thing but there’s need to more discussion on it,” he added.